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Digital Media Producer

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What I Do

Branding and Design

Branding & Design

Whether you've established your brand or you're starting from scratch, whether you're seeking infographics for Facebook or new stationery for your business, I'm ready for you! A sexy new website is only the beginning of what we can do to get more eyes on your brand.

Software Development

Software Development

Let's go big and build out a full-fledged custom web application with a mobile-optimized design using the latest web technologies to precisely match the needs of your organization. Or not. I'll help you figure out which existing platform will suit you best and then build your site on that.

Motion Graphics and Video Production

Motion Graphic & Video Production

How many play buttons have you clicked on today? Let's produce a high definition video to introduce your organization or demonstrate your latest product. Don't have your product ready to go just yet? A little camera shy? Let's get creative with some animation.

Digital Strategy Consulting

Digital Strategy Consulting

You've probably heard plenty about social media, search engine optimization, online advertising, A/B testing, and analytics. Let's grab coffee and I'll help you figure out how we can use these tools to generate the biggest return on investment for your organization. And then make it happen.

What I've Done

Impressive - Founder

Impressive is digital design presentation tool for kick-ass agencies and freelance creatives. Responsible for everything from branding to system administration, I'm building Impressive to be the premiere way to deliver work online and wow your clients.

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StudyShuffle - Founder
Featured in Tech and Learning Topp 100 Sites

StudyShuffle is a web application I created for teachers, which helps their students easily memorize class material. With a spaced-repetition algorithm, customizable cards, and progress tracking, studying has never been more effective. Flash cards are old school! Check it out!

Capitol Bells - Design and Development
Featured On
msnbc Politico Roll Call Daily Kos The Washington Post Reddit

Used by Congresspeople, Capitol Hill staffers, and concerned citizens, Capitol Bells offers a platform to help everyone make their voices heard. I provided user experience and visual design for the web interface.

Represent yourself
Bentobox - Development
trusted by The Meatball Shop, The Breslin, The John Dory Oyster Bar, and more.

Bentobox is a complete online management platform for restaurants and the hospitality industry. I provided front-end development and API integration services to create a tasty digital experience. Get Bento

CSIS Data Chandelier - Fabrication
Watch the video

The Center for Strategic and International Studies commissioned a 425 pendant Global Data Chandelier for its new headquarters in Washington, DC. I helped Brooklyn-based studio Hypersonic fabricate this one-of-a-kind map used to visualize an array of global statistics: GDP growth, energy consumption, and more.

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Whom I've Worked With

St. John's College
Neon and Sons
Spot On Productions
Pipeline PRM
Type A Consulting
Amplify Inc.
Veracity Media
Red Line Films
Jack And Zach Food

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